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Australian Human Resource Policies

An Overview of a Human Resource Policy.

Creating a human resource policy for your company is one of the most important things that need to be done. It will save you a lot of energy, time and money in the long run if you start having an HR department from the very beginning. Most small companies have this idea that they can manage without one. It could be true that when you start out with your company, you only have a few people working with you, thus, you may be confident that you can handle everything including human resources.

The thing is, every single company owner will want their company to improve and become successful. Having this in mind, you will have to eventually hire a lot more people. You do not actually start a company thinking that you will always have the same number of employees. As your company grows, it is inevitable that you will be faced with a lot of personnel issues among other things. Therefore, it would be great if everything has been streamlined from the very start.

When you start out, your employees will expect you to give them a set of human resource policy to follow. This is very common and should not be neglected. You cannot simply work on a trust basis as you very well know that people and circumstances change. Many companies hand out some kind of a handbook to serve as a guide for all employees. These will be signed by the said employees as an indication that everything has been understood and that they are willing to follow the said handbook.

Things That Need to Be Remembered

When you have hired an HR specialist or you may have formed your own HR department, you can start creating your HR resource policy. You may want to ask them to be more detailed. Keep in mind that rules not very well explained and written could be misunderstood. People have different ways of interpreting words, so it is advisable to be as simple and direct to the point as possible. The next thing is that you may want to have some room for expansion. There are many cases where a company has outlined a certain policy that eventually becomes irrelevant. As time passes by, things, people, and the environment change and people need to adapt to change. It is, therefore, a great idea not to be too final on some rules.

The policy should also discuss the rules that govern employment. It is the duty of the company to let the employees know of the legalities that concern them and the company. Another crucial part is the method of disseminating the human resource policy. There are many ways that a company can let everybody know of the policy. It is in the discretion of the owner or manager on how to distribute it but it would be great if someone from the HR department could actually gather everybody, perhaps by group, and explain everything. This way, the employees will also have someone to ask if ever they have concerns about the policy that has been issued.

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Developing Human Resource Policies For Your Small Business,

As your small business grows, you’ll discover that the more employees you hire, the more help you need with personnel issues. By the time you’re ready to establish a position or department for managing human resources concerns, it’s past time to consider a human resources policy. The idea of “policies” make some small business owners cringe, but the hiring and management of individuals other than yourself will bring a wealth of unanticipated needs. Considering the development of such policies could sound daunting, as well, but once you put a plan into place, the process can be more streamlined. Your plan should include research, room for growth, and presentation. Start with these fundamentals and you’ll be well on your way.

One of the first pieces of research you’ll want to undertake should be to governmental resources. Local, state and national resources are available for business owners and because there are non-negotiable legal matters, you’ll want to address labor law compliance, immediately. Once you’re familiar with the laws for your type of business, your geographical region, and the number of employees, you can move on to other industry-related resources to provide guidance in developing additional policies.

Consider, too, the best way to package the contents leaving room for expansion. Let’s say you have a simple policy concerning employee attire. But you know better than to solidify that area; trends change, and ultimately you could be faced with work-appropriate dress code issues you never imagined. Has your policy been written with room for flexibility? Is there room to reword or even add additional outlined parts to your dress code? You may be glad later.

Having begun drafting, now consider how you’ll make that information available to your employees. Some companies create a manual which can grow as your policies shift and expand. Others put the policies together in a brochure or flyer that’s distributed to each new-hire. Still others publish their policies on their company websites. Of course there’s nothing that says you can’t use more than one of these methods of presentation.

From planning, drafting and production, your human resources policy manual, no matter the length, will help save time and money as your organization grows. Use the resources available to you, at governmental levels, and also through human resource management-related associations, websites and publications. Use a flexible, organized structure with plenty of wiggle room. Finally, make sure your finished product is output in an easy-to-read, easy-to-locate format. And, of course, remember to make each employee aware of its existence. The human resources policy manual may not seem related to the reason you started your business in the first place, but the development of such a document will ensure the more efficient likelihood that you’ll have more time to spend doing the things that drew you to the business in the first place. Think of it as a business investment. Maybe one of the best ones you’ll ever make.

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