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Beautiful Paintings Created By Spray Paint Art

Spray Paint Art is the technique of creating amazing pictures by manipulating paint on posterboard. Paintings can also be performed on other mediums such as car bonnets and motorbike fuel tanks to quote two examples, but in general you’ll see artists creating masterpieces on paper.

Aerosolgrafia is the term given to this art form in Mexico where Spray Painting was first performed, back in the nineteen seventies. With it’s roots in street art, performers would make their living by producing works of art for the tourist trade and sell these direct from the pavement.

Until recently your best chance at catching a spray paint art session from an artist, would’ve been to visit a city or tourist hot spot where these artists perform. However, the internet has made the world smaller and you can now watch artists from all over the world without leaving the comfort of your living room. An added benefit is that you can learn their skills online, as they show you what to do with just a few spray paint cans and some newspaper.

The way the art works is very simple, but expert practitioners can often leave you bewildered by their forward planning, which makes the reveals even more stunning.

You choose the basic colours for the scene and spray them down onto the posterboard, generally starting with the lighter colours. Then you remove layers of paint to your satisfaction using newspaper or magazine sheets. You can do this in a variety of ways, experimenting is all part of the fun.

Household items such as bowls and plates are used as templates to mask off a textured area you’ve created. By spraying around the template you can create planets, pyramids and other objects. When you become more advanced you can create your own stencils and pretty much recreate any object or landscape you wish.

The most popular or common subject matter is undoubtedly the space theme and this might focus on planets, pyramids, both or neither, but certainly these two objects are the easiest to practice when you’re learning the art.

Spectacular planets and mystical pyramids are what draw the crowds in and this in turn is what helps the artist make more sales. People are not used to seeing these unreal picture types and this other worldly feeling attracts tourists to the display. Artists who expand their horizons into other topics often stand out more, especially online where you’ll find thousands of space art pictures, but relatively few portraits of other subjects.

Nature is a more common alternative to space for spray paint themes and this topic allows artists to show their skills recreating rocks, plants, trees and animals. These objects are more difficult to paint, so are usually reserved for the more experienced artist who has tight hand skills required to make subtle movements within the painting.

If this article has whetted your appetite for a new creative hobby or pastime, you’ll need to know what supplies you require to get started. It’s not an expensive hobby as spray cans only cost a few pounds and last a reasonable length of time – depending on how often you’re painting. The rest of the objects can generally be found around your home.

A lovely benefit to spray painting is the money you can make from it if you get good. When your painting reach a good standard, get out onto the pavements and do live shows or create a website and link to it via YouTube!

To view my progress and get started yourself with spray painting visit my Spray Paint Art website for help and advice. Here I go into detail on how you can learn the art with the aid of a spray paint art tutorial. Article Source:

Learn How To Spray Paint,

Doing spray paint art can open doors of perception into higher states of consciousness. However knowing how to spray paint isn’t everything you need to have this experience. Art, a friend told me, is in the way you interpret life. It’s a very different perspective from the mind-set of the every day grind. A true spray paint artist follows the way of the heart. They are authentic! This has nothing to do with your skill level.

I remember one time that I was painting on a sidewalk outside a university. I was sitting Indian style, surrounded by curious onlookers that were trying to get a better view. The audience was so thick that there wasn’t much space for the people to get inside my circle. While I put down the first colors of my painting, I saw one of the people in front of me was barefoot.

For some reason they hadn’t put any shoes on that day. I looked at him and it occurred to me to surprise him by using his foot in my painting. In that moment, I just grabbed his bare foot and put it directly into my fresh paint! Fortunately it was funny for the audience and the man accepted my crazy idea in a good way.

This kind of spontaneous creativity is what I think really feeds the technique of spray paint art, or aerosolgrafia. I love the expressive moments, the times that we get out of our own way and let the great spirit paint through us. To me being in the moment is more important than knowing how to spray paint perfectly.

It is necessary to cultivate this sense of the now, and at the same time, it’s also essential to learn to be very practical. We must, as the boy scouts say, “be prepared.” One way to prepare is to be sure to carry the materials and tools that you will need, but no extra stuff to weigh you down.

When I go out to perform in a fair or in a nearby plaza, I bring a few important things with me. I carry a sturdy portfolio into which all my paintings and paper go. I bring my newspaper, already torn and prepared for painting. I carry a thin piece of wood to paint on top of. I put my spray painting cans into a backpack that I can easily carry, only bringing the colors that I plan to use. I can put my palette knives, plates, brushes and small music playing device into that same backpack.

The music is important because it helps the crowd be engaged while I am working and creates fun moments of fascination for everyone. We can all forget the everyday and enter into the magic of spray paint art together. I bring a lamp with me if I will be doing my show in the evening. It’s also possible to figure out how to spray paint underneath a street lamp if it’s bright enough and you have chosen your street lamp carefully, preferably the night before. I carry a large piece of red cloth with me to spread out on the sidewalk and display my spray paintings. If the space is small, I may fold the cloth and display some of the paintings up against a nearby wall.

I have done a lot of traveling across Mexico, United States, Europe and more, believing that it is possible to be self employed as an artist and to be the boss of my own life and time. This was my basic motivation when I started discovering how to spray paint, to be free! However, my personal goal was not to become a rich person, so I have always sold my paintings at a price that the “man or woman in the street” could easily afford. In fact, if a person did not have enough money to purchase a painting, I would often accept whatever they were able to pay in exchange for my spray paint art. For me this wasn’t a problem.

There were many times I painted where my sales were so amazing that I ran out of materials before I finished my show. There were also places where no matter what I tried, I wasn’t allowed to sell my work and I had to figure out how to perform first and then sell my artwork in another area at another time to the interested members of the audience.

One of the first times I went to paint in the Zona Rosa, a tourist spot in Mexico City. I was a bit nervous and I had doubts that something positive would happen. I arrived and got set up. In a few minutes I was painting and it was a great night, full of life and sales. There was also a person who took the time to tell me that he was so surprised by what I was able to do with a spray can.

He congratulated me in a way that deeply touched my heart. He told me that there was something truly valuable in me that he felt communicated much more than just artwork. In his eyes, I was interesting and spiritual. I did not feel that way inside, especially on that day! But he helped me feel more secure in my spray painting performance work. It was just what I needed to keep going on my path.

Only two or three days later, I was again painting with a large audience on the same street. I was in the middle of a picture, but I never got to finish it. A police inspector appeared and asked me if I had a permit. I did not have one, or even know that I needed one. He stopped my work and I had to stand up to talk to him. The audience was insistent that I finish the painting I was doing and began to chant “let him finish” at the police man. This was a huge surprise to me!

Even though the people defended me, the inspectors did not change their opinion. They did not leave me any other option. I was so mad that I kicked my cans and they actually took me down to the station.

Fortunately that’s all that happened. It did take me some time to figure out what to do next and find a new spot to work. This was a bitter experience for me. Pushing the limits of street permits has taught me so much about our social system and the restrictions that it imposes on our freedom.

So many things have happened to me while spray painting on the streets. I have had wonderful experiences of connection with strangers. I have met every kind of person from rich to poor and crazy to genius. I have learned to be a warrior and to confront a society lost in the day to day grind and materialism. It hasn’t been an easy path.

I have had to deal with envious people who hated me for my success. I have also had to deal with police, inspectors and other authorities who try to stop me from spray painting in certain places and sometimes from earning my living in an honorable way. I have learned to identify the bad apples who carry a grudge and to become invisible to them. I have learned that there are so many good people in the world, but often that’s not enough to live a graceful life. I’ve traveled so much and seen places that I never would have seen without learning how to spray paint. This path has been a path of the heart for me and I’m so glad I got out there and did it!

Alisa Amor is one of the original inventors of spray paint art in Mexico. Alisa Amor has created an immense collection of spray paint art instructional videos so that you can become a spray paint artist too. Check it out at Article Source:

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