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Become Master Magic and Mentalism

Mastering Magic and Mentalism – Things to Remember, Magic is something mysterious that catches everybody’s attention, be it young or old. Mentalism is one area of magic that is extremely interesting and mind boggling. People across the world have been amazed with the talents showcased by skilled mentalists like David Blaine and Criss Angel.

And therefore it comes as no surprise that many want to hone this talent and learn the amazing mind control tricks that are performed by magicians. However as you may have already gathered, it is not that easy to master mentalism but fortunately, there are some things that shall help you learn this amazing skill.

In this article, we try and provide the aspiring magician with all the necessary information that can help master the art better and faster than otherwise. Remember that patience and determination is a must if you really want to learn this challenging yet fascinating art of mentalism.

It is important for every young magician to keep the following things in the back of the mind when learning mentalism.

o As you must be well aware; mentalism is the area of magic that uses tricks to impress and fascinate the spectators. When you start learning mentalism, it is a good thing to begin with simple mind tricks rather than aiming for the complicated ones. Take it slowly and move on to the complex tricks once you gain the basic skills and adequate confidence.

o It is said that persuasion is the key to a successful mentalism performance. One thing that you need to inculcate in you while learning mentalism is proper communicative skills. Although some tricks may be simple to perform, you will need to persuade your audience in a certain way in order to get a great trick delivery response.

o If you are to perform mind reading or mind control tricks in front of an audience then it is essential that you look the part. You will need to build in fluff in your conversation so as to persuade your spectators. A good mentalist shall talk and present tricks in such a way that makes them very believable and realistic.

o It is also a wise option to mix up your routine with some card tricks. Card magic tricks have been around as long as magic has been around. Spectators are quite familiar with it but they still can be fascinated every time you perform tricks with a deck of cards.

o Mind reading is an essential part of learning mentalism. In the initial stages, the tricks that you will learn would focus more on your persuasion and presentation skills. Mind reading is what makes this area of magic different from the rest which is exactly why people are fascinated by it.

o Misdirection is an important part of mastering mentalism. It is crucial that you master concealment and misdirection because only then would you be able to draw the attention of your audience wherever it is that you may prefer.

It is important that you keep the above mentioned things in mind when you are learning magic and mentalism. Also remember that practice is of utmost importance if you want to master the art of mind reading and mind control tricks. So go ahead and learn great tricks that can amaze your friends and family today!

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That’s Magic! Let’s Learn Some Masterful Magic and Mentalism,

So, you want to be a magician. Well, you better read this article. It’s not all the glamor that you see on TV. Magic is actually hard work. Learning the tricks (yes, they are tricks) in some cases, takes a lot of skill and practice. Some tricks are so hard to do that it takes magicians months to perfect them. I’m even going to reveal one trick that you’ve probably seen many times. It takes a lot of skill.

The trick I’m talking about is where the magician shows you the penny. He them takes the penny from the one hand into the other. He closes the hand that the penny is in. He then opens up that hand and you see that the penny is gone. You wonder where it went. The magician then reaches behind your ear and pulls the penny out with the other hand and shows it to you. You’re in even more shock and awe. How did he do it?

Well, it’s called slight of hand and it takes a long time to master and do it smoothly. It’s hard to describe exactly how the trick works, but I’ll do my best. Essentially, when the magician puts the penny into his left hand from his right (or right hand from left if he’s left handed) what he’s doing is clasping the penny between the first and second finger of his transferring hand, down by the base of the hand. Because the penny is so small, and his hand is so big, you can’t see it. Then, when he takes that hand and reaches behind your ear, he shifts the penny into his fingers normally so that you can see the penny.

This sounds simple but trust me, this takes months of hard work and practice and some people never get it, especially if they have small hands. This is just one example of a trick that requires slight of hand and a lot of practice. And this isn’t even one of the harder ones. There are some that are much harder.

Point is, I don’t want you to think that doing magic is simply a matter of buying the trick and doing it. Some of them take a lot of work. In my signature is a review of a great online resource that will turn you into a crackerjack magician and mentalist. I think you’ll get a lot out of the review itself.

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