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The Way of Learning Piano Easier and Faster

Make Learning Piano Easier and Faster,

I would call the kids who learned piano when they were young lucky. I wish I had gone to piano classes when I was young myself. But alas! That is not what happens to many of us and when we want to learn the piano, it is already late. But now things have changed. You too can learn piano fast and easy and play almost like the pros! Here is how.

Attending a regular class in order to learn piano has no other substitute. Sure, it takes a lot of time and money, but when you come out, you come out as a professional player. But such things are only possible for kids in school or people with lots of money and free time.

In the busy corporate world, it becomes almost impossible to carve time out of your day for piano classes. That is why people prefer learning piano online or learning it themselves. The flexibility is high, but that becomes a bane too, because people often give up half-way through due to lethargy or an unorganized and unplanned learning process.

But here is how you can learn piano faster and without troubling yourself too much.

1. Get all the resources. Beginner books, simple sheet music for songs that you know very well (like children’s rhymes or simple songs) and such resources are the pre-requisites.

2. Chart out a plan. This way you will know how long you will take to complete parts of the resources that you have now. Follow the plan with fervor. When hurdles come up, shift your mind elsewhere for some time and then come back to give it a try. This works almost all the time!

3. And if you think you need both the resources and the plan chart delivered to you, go for piano training software. There are huge numbers of good software available these days that also come with video lessons, tips and tricks etc.

This way, you can make learning piano easier and do it in no time!

Because of a lot of people wanting to learn to play piano online [], the market has become richly saturated with programs and software that let people learn to play piano online [] with ease and pace. Check out my website to know all about such programs and find out for yourself.
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Are Books the Best Way to Learn Piano?

Go into any music shop or type ‘learn piano’ into the search box of any online bookstore and you’ll see that there are literally thousands of titles offering piano lessons for beginners. Piano lessons in book form have been around for centuries. But do they work?

You’ll need help

Well if you’re a complete piano beginner and you’re trying to learn piano from a book then in my experience, you’ll quickly find that you’re going to need some help. Why do I say that? It’s because books are silent. They can only go so far in using a visual medium (the printed notes on a page) to teach an auditory one (the sound and rhythm of music). There’s a distinct and obvious dichotomy there which cannot be bridged by any amount of words or notes on a page.

You need to hear it

If you can’t read music, and if you’re beginning piano from scratch then you won’t be able to, then you need to hear what the music sounds like before you can play it. When you hear the notes played by an accomplished player at the rhythm intended by the composer, then you can begin to make the connection between what you hear and what you see on the page. Just as importantly, you can begin to make your fingers do what’s required of then to recreate those sounds.

Simple Tunes

Many years ago I decided to teach myself piano from a series of books that I found in the piano stool of a house I was renting. They were designed for complete piano beginners and I thought they’d be ideal in getting me started. I remember the first book had me clapping my hands in rhythm and playing a number of notes in a repetitive sequence.

Well that was OK but it was mindlessly boring. Then the book moved on into trying to teach some simple tunes. Now the big problem when you’re a piano beginner is in handling the two concepts of rhythm and melody simultaneously. The two just don’t seem to go well together at all. Focus on the notes and the rhythm disappears and vice versa.

You’re trying to work both of them out form the book without any auditory input to help you. It’s not easy, to say the least. And it’s not effective either you spend time struggling with things that would be so simple if only you could hear what’s being taught. And you become demoralised as a result.

New Piano Lesson Products

I put off learning piano for many years after that experience. If only there’d been some way in which I could read the notes and hear them played at the same time. Well of course now there is. Piano lessons books might have been around for centuries but that’s because, until now, there’s been nothing better. A new generation of piano tuition products is here making it easier to learn piano than ever before.

For beginners, the most economical and effective lessons are delivered via the teach-yourself piano route. You can work at your own speed and learn in your own way. The most popular piano lessons for beginners are featured at where you can read actual user comments on the different packages available. Article Source:

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